Interview Essentials

~ Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior the scheduled interview time. We recommend using Waze or Google maps to set the commute and arrival time, as traffic might change significantly depending on the time of day

~ Read the Job Description thoroughly. Use the Job Description as the guide for structuring your answers; base your comments, experience and skills on the purpose, functions and requirements described on the document

~ Prepare more. Search for news about the company, check their PR and communications. Read their Glassdoor reviews. Look for the people you are interviewing with on Linked-In

~ Cellphone Off (Or, at least, in “Do Not Disturb”). Turn DND on as soon as you get to the venue. If you are asked to wait in that reception area or office, use that time to try to pickup details about the company’s culture, read their posters, pay attention to the details

~ Prepare some questions. We recommend you should ask, at least, 3 questions during the interview, to dig more about the role you are interviewing for (reason, purpose, future projects, team dynamics and interactions, personality strengths to succeed in the role) and save 2-3 to close the interview (culture, time frame to fill the job, expectations)