Senior BSA and OFAC Officer

An international worldwide bank, locate in Miami, Florida, with several years in the market, is in the search of a BSA Officer to work with them.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Experience working as a BSA Officer
  • 10 years experience working with BSA And OFAC regulations
  • Speak Spanish


  • Develop, communicate and implement the strategic vision for BSA, AML, and OFAC risk mitigation in support of the banks’ priorities and various business initiatives across MCB and MBU-CG/NY. Provide proactive strategic and tactical leadership for BSA, AML and OFAC initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain governance for the BSA Program throughout the banks, including independent interaction with the board of directors, executive management and regulatory authorities. Set forth the  agenda and determine the  key topics of discussion for the BSA Governance Committees.
  • Develop, implement and maintain enterprise wide and departmental policies to manage BSA/AML/OFAC risk. Supervise the BSA Risk Assessment and Policy Unit . Set forth appetite for BSA risk in the bank and agency  and review and approve all new and revised products, processes, channels, and delivery systems; assure appropriate militants are created to reduce risk of money laundering or violations of global sanctions. Drive consensus for compliance of BSA/AML/OFAC risk initiatives with senior management and the board of directors.
  • Maintain extensive level of expertise in BSA, AML and sanctions regulations, regulatory insurances and examination materials, industry trends and best practices.  Analyze the impact of anti-money laundering and OFAC regulations within the business, operational and compliance processes of MCB and MBU-CG,   Keep abreast of all pertinent regulatory changes and update testing processes as required
  • Develop, implement and maintain an enterprise program to monitor for and detect money laundering, terrorism, or other financial crimes and violations of global sanctions. Supervise the banks’ Financial Intelligence Unit. Assure timely, accurate and detailed Suspicious Activity Reports. Interact with federal and local law enforcement on investigations and reporting of unusual and suspicious activity.
  • Specialize in BSA, AML and OFAC software applications, databases, data trend analysis, business intelligence , analytics , reporting, governance, rule threshold analysis, system validations and implementations as well as overall process improvements.  Supervise the BSA IT and Analytics Unit .
  • Develop , implement and monitor  the  customer identification program (CIP), customer due diligence (CDD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD) requirements. Set forth policies and procedures for onboarding all new customer relationships by the business officers and the ongoing CDD/EDD reviews of relationships by business officers. . Supervise the Customer Due Diligence Unit. Assure all high risk customers are reviewed and approved prior to account opening.  Independently require termination of account relationships, or refusal of new business,  because of unacceptable  BSA and/or OFAC risk.
  • Develop and ensure execution of the annual BSA/AML/OFAC training needs assessment. Develop appropriate training programs commensurate with the training needs assessment. Oversee execution of training program. Maintain adequate records of training program and assessment. Prepare and present  training for the Board of Directors and Senior Management.
  • Lead BSA due diligence and integration teams for all mergers and acquisitions. Prepare risk analysis of merger targets and report analysis results to BSA Officer, Board of Directors and Senior Management.
  • Lead BSA officer for regulatory exams by the OCC, Federal Reserve and the States of Florida and New York Banking authorities.  Assure information is provided to the supervisory  authorities to present the banks’ BS and OFAC compliance programs as effective, through and compliant with the law.  Assure any corrective action is implemented effectively and efficiently  within the required times frames and reported promptly to the Board of Directors and the Management Audit Committee.

Education / Training

  • Bachelor in Business, Economics or relate it