Senior Credit Analyst

Our client is in the Banking Industry and are currently searching for Senior Credit Analyst to be a part of their team.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Fluency in English & Spanish required for reviewing financial statements in GAAP or IRFS.
  • Five (5) years of experience in performing credit analysis & supervising a team of commercial analysts, with at least three (3) years as an International Analyst.
  • Provide underwriting and credit risk evaluation of large corporate and upper middle-market international facilities.
  • Advanced knowledge of Moody’s Risk Analyst, Windows, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Detailed oriented, superior credit, analytical and writing skills a must.
  • Ability to independently analyze non-traditional large & complex structures for repayment capacity.  Thorough understanding of the Bank’s credit risk policies and procedures.
  • Detailed oriented, superior math skills, good analytical and writing skills a must.
  • Ability to work as a team member and to train and progressively develop skill set.



Provide an independent and objective assessment of risk factors associated with large public, private, or quasi-sovereign international corporate credits. Primary function includes the underwriting & credit analysis of large complex international firms  for short term trade financing, pre- and post-export financing, working capital financing and medium term credits assigned to this specialized segment of the Bank’s loan portfolio.

1. – Primarily responsible for analyzing and underwriting large, complex corporate international credits.  In addition, this position is accountable for ensuring that certain turnaround times are met within pre-established guidelines with respect to the Service Level Agreements with the Business Units.  Produce timely risk assessment of large and medium size international corporations with limited information and make prudent credit recommendations, while maintaining adherence to bank’s credit policy and banking regulations.  Other important duties include the weekly update and discussion of the credit analyses request pipeline with the business units and have the ability to make effective presentations to Loan Committee or Executive Committee on the credit analysis and recommendations.

2. – Review & evaluate international loan requests for all short-term self-liquidating trade financing, working capital lines of credit, pre- and post-export financing and medium term loans, inclusive of bilateral financing and receivable discounting.  Assess risk of lending to foreign companies with changing risk profiles and cross-border country risk. This requires a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of financial statement analysis [GAAP & IFRS], including stress-testing & sensitivity analysis under different scenarios and making projections using key drivers & assumptions.  The job also entails a comprehensive and thorough analysis of large transactions with complex repayment structures on a case-by-case basis.  The overall function is to have a clear understanding of the borrowing entities cash flow and repayment and liquidity risk in order to draw valid conclusions & recommendations with regards to the loan structure, purpose & sources of repayment, creditworthiness of the borrower and guarantor/collateral analysis, all of which should be appropriately reflected in the obligor’s final risk rating adjusted for cross-border risk.

3. – Quarterly/annual reviews of borrowing entities to reflect market realities supplemented by research on changing market conditions & industry dynamics including peer group comparison and an assessment of the company’s competition, opportunities & threats.

4. – Validation of Programs for international loans on a timely basis.  The analysis should be comprehensive and thorough where decision maker can draw valid inferences and decisions from the crucial and critical elements presented in the analysis.  Evaluate & provide feedback on improving loan structures for unsecured international loans to the Business Units prior to presentation of loan to the Credit Committee(s).

5. – Periodically review & validate loan renewals & reviews in order to minimize risk rating failures for new loans & renewals by assessing if there is any change in borrower’s risk profile or any adverse or material change in the borrower’s financial condition.

6. – Coordinate and work closely with the lending and business units to visit borrowers and understand the market risk, industry concentration and the bank’s growth strategy & risk appetite.  The job also requires having a clear focus on the current and expected economic conditions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for the respective target markets and industry.  Attend meetings and conferences for large facilities in order to enhance understanding of the cases being analyzed and pre-screen and detect unacceptable risks early on in the underwriting process and effectively communicate to the Business Units.

7. – At least five (5) years of experience in underwriting of private, public, sovereign & non-sovereign international corporations.  The key measures of success are the level of knowledge & skill set, response time in accordance with service level agreements and the quality of analysis performed based on risk assessment of the borrower/obligor as measured by risk rating downgrades or failures.

Education / Training

BA in finance /Accounting / Business / Administration / Economics / Engineering