E-Learning & Community Manager

Our client is a leader in beauty products and right now they are looking for an E-Learning & Community Manager to plan, develop, deploy and manage internal E-learning Social APP to strengthen their brand’s image, engage users and increase learning/community activity.

Qualifications / Requirements

Technical Competencies:

Digital Transformation Leadership

  • Strategizes digital transformation
  • Upskills and transmits digital knowledge and mindset
  • Drives the change toward brand and consumer centricity
  • Leads toward data-driven organization

Digital Brand Building

  • Builds audience through relevant content
  • Scales consumers and influencers engagement
  • Masters digital marketing tactics


  • Optimizes investments & ROI
  • Masters analytics to build action plans

Digital Technology Expertise

  • Leads with strong agile project management skills
  • Acts as a strategic business partner
  • Has deep technical skills
  • Focuses on delivery: design/build/run

Embodies Brand Identity

  • Master brand identity and knows sense of purpose
  • Masters market and trends knowledge
  • Designs appropriate learning solutions for Customer Experience

Elevates Customer Experience & Service Attitude

  • Fosters empathy
  • Knows customer profiles & transmits customer centricity
  • Animates learning communities with passion


Manage and plan the need for content

  • Collaborate with Marketing and Education teams to create, manage and execute monthly brands’ Educational, social and viral Editorial Agenda.
  • Manage a promotional and editorial calendar adopting a test and learn approach.
  • Ensure measurement with identified KPIs.
  • Select and manage external agencies when required.

Provide Innovative & Meaningful Content

  • Supervise all material development and distribution for digital media, copy-edit and proofread all content.
  • Create compelling and engaging digital content, which will attract and engage users encouraging interactivity.
  • Monitor social media, flagging opportunities to create direct content and share best practices to internal stakeholders.
  • Learn about upcoming product launches, brand activities, international events, to ensure they are incorporated in the monthly content calendar.
  • Track trends and news within the beauty industry at large, to ensure the community is participating in relevant conversations.

Interact with users

  • Interact with users using social media management related tools to generate activity and engagement.
  • Be the spokesperson of the company on the app: news, advice, etc.

Provide internal stakeholders with detailed feedbacks

  • Produce monthly/quarterly reports (activities-KPIs-trend) including next month/quarter agenda.
  • Act as an in-house content expert; produce social media listening and engagement reports for internal teams to fuel insight development.