Talent Acquisition Partner – (JN-082019-4015)

Our purpose is to add value to our clients through assigning fulfilled and engaged professionals. We believe that the right person in the right place fulfill hers/his professional expectations and therefore feels engaged and generate value.

We take this believe to our clients, our candidates and of course within our organization.

We are looking for an HR professional that share our purpose, that want to make a significant impact in the professional fulfillment of the people we place, and see our clients excel because we are building a better and stronger team that add value to their operation.

We are looking for professionals that are passionate and care about others.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • To share and embrace our purpose of adding value to our client through fulfillment and  employee (new hire) engagement
  • To live by Commitment & Responsibility, Continuous Self-Improvement, Integrity, Caring and Teamwork & Open Communication


  • Relationships:
    • To maintain and build strong long-term relationships with Millicom’s (Client) Top Management and, Millicom’s “internal client” (HRBPs and Hiring Managers)
    • To deeply understand Millicom’s corporate culture and needs to be matched with needed skills and intangibles and guarantee successful placements
  • Recruiting:
    • Intake: To meet with Hiring Managers to understand their future hiring needs and assist them in the planning of future employees and team’s budget
    • Lead Sourcing efforts: To work hand-in-hand with the recruiting team to guarantee quality of service, deliverables and exceed Millicom’s expectations
    • Interviewing: To interview top candidates and make sure ASAP’s purpose and promise of add value through new hire’s fulfillment and engagement are being kept
    • Candidate Delivery: To present just top talent to Millicom
    • Reporting: To generate and deliver weekly status reports to Hiring Managers and Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs) regarding open positions and processes
  • Processes:
    • To observe, study and analyze current Talent Acquisition process, and make suggestions for improvement
    • To develop solutions that add value to Millicom, to improve their customer experience and ASAP’s successful placement records
    • To generate and deliver monthly reports identifying key issues and points for improvement
  • Capability:
    • Work with Training team & HRBPs to develop, up-date and deliver training modules and programs to HMs
  • Employer Branding:
    • Maintain and improve Employer Referral Program (communication and deployment)
    • Identify and develop strategy for special events & presentations within campus for targeted programs (Campus Initiatives)
    • Identify and develop strategy for sponsorship & presentations on special events aiming to attract targeted [talent] professionals based on areas, fields and industry
    • Work with Marketing team to maintain, increase and/or improve Millicom’s digital footprint, presence and reputation targeted platforms (such as Glassdoor & Linked-In)
  • Workforce Analytics:
    • Work with BI team to search, from on-boarding assessments, for correlations and communalities to identify “Candidate Success Factors”
  • Miscellaneous:
    • To provide Millicom and candidates with superior Quality of Service
    • To maintain Millicom’s Organizational Chart up to date
    • To register & comply with both ASAP’s & Millicom’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) processes and procedures

About Our Client – Millicom

Millicom is the Telecommunications company that owns and operates TIGO in LATAM (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay) & Africa.

A fast-paced environment driven by innovation and market leadership, gives Millicom’s corporate office an idiosyncratic way of work.

Millicom has engaged with ASAP for the search, recruitment and successful filling of, at least, 12 Management positions in the Finance, Procurement & Audit Departments, within 12 months term. In addition, ASAP has been selected to keep recruiting for positions in these departments for a 2 year term.


  • To exceed Millicom’s expectations for the role
  • To take ownership of account leadership and process
  • To guarantee ASAP is providing Millicom with a competitive advantage by timely providing the talent
  • To take and assume responsibility over commitments and promises made to Millicom
  • To represent ASAP’s brand based on our Values (Commitment & Responsibility, Teamwork & Open Communication, Continuous Self-Improvement, Caring and Integrity) and or Purpose (Add value through Fulfilment and engagement)
  • To push for improvement (improve performance every quarter)


  • To fill, at least, 45 positions within the 1st year
  • To obtain a Client Satisfaction Rating of, at least 9 (on a scale 1-10) regarding the service provided (considering: Time to Present Candidates, Time to Fill, Management of Client’s expectations, Quality of Candidates, Volume of Candidates)

Education / Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • MBA, Master in Human Resources or SHRM Certifications Highly preferred


  • 8-12 years of experience in Human Resources (generalist) or Talent Acquisition vertical


  • No Domestic & International Travel is necessary for this role
  • As member of ASAP’s team, this role reports, functionally, to ASAP’s Key Account Manager; and operationally to Millicom’s Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Place of work: Millicom’s premises (in Coral Gables)
  • This role is highly measured by results