Terms and Conditions

The Client agrees to pay all placement fees and related expenses within the period stipulated in the proposal after candidate’s date of hire or start date. Interest of 1% per month will be charged on unpaid fees more than 15 days past due. The Client agrees to reimburse ASAP for all reasonable costs of collection, including attorney fees.

Confidentiality of Referrals

All candidate referrals made by ASAP are made on a confidential basis and The Client shall hold ASAP harmless from any liability resulting from The Client’s unauthorized disclosure or misuse of information regarding any candidates or their candidacy.

Replacement Guarantee

In the event the candidate resigns his or her position or The Client decides to dismiss the candidate due to his/her performance or cultural fit in less than calendar days of employment, and provided that all fees and expenses relating to such referral have been paid in full and on time, ASAP will attempt to refer a replacement candidate for the same position, based on the original job description, at no additional charge to The Client. ASAP’s obligation under this agreement is limited to attempting to find a replacement candidate. No refund will be made if The Client hires a replacement from any source other than ASAP, or if The Client is no longer actively seeking to fill the position.

 This provision shall not apply if the candidate is laid off for lack of work, or resigns because The Client has significantly modified the candidate’s job duties or assigned him or her to another position.

Recoupment of Fees From Candidates

The Client agrees not to require any candidate to reimburse The Client for any fee or expense paid to ASAP.

Background Checks

ASAP will conduct background checks on candidates as requested by The Client. Requests must be in writing and must specify the scope of the background check requested. Background checks will be conducted at ASAP’s expense. Drug screening will be conducted at The Client’s expense.

Confidentiality of Client Information

 ASAP agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any nonpublic proprietary client information that it may obtain in the course of performing services under this agreement and shall hold The Client harmless from any claim, loss, or liability resulting from ASAP’s unauthorized disclosure of such information.


Independent Contractor

 The services provided by ASAP under agreement are provided as an independent contractor.

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as creating the relationship of principal and agent, joint ventures, or employer and employee, between ASAP and The Client.



ASAP does not guarantee the performance of any candidate or the accuracy of information provided regarding a candidate, and disclaims any responsibility for claim, loss, or liability as a result of a candidate’s acts or omissions. ASAP urges The Client to conduct such investigations, as it deems necessary to verify candidate information or to obtain such other information, as it may deem relevant.